The Health Department, an implementing agency of the Ulaanbaatar City Governor, established the Health Protection Department under the Ulaanbaatar City Ministry on July 22, 1938, by order No. 105 of 1938 of the Minister of Energy and the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar. became the source of the current Ulaanbaatar Health Department.


The Health Department had five staff members: a head, a trainer, an interpreter, an enumerator-clerk, and a driver. The first head was Tumt.


The Ministry of Health transferred 13 organizations to the City Health Department, including the Sanitation Department, the 5th Khoroo Hospital, the Industrial, Mongol Trans, Amgalanbaatar, and School outpatient clinics. Thus, since the establishment of an independent public administration body for health protection in the capital city, it has been expanding and strengthening in terms of organizational and operational aspects through certain stages of development.


For example, the Central Committee of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) and the People's Revolutionary Council of the People's Republic of Mongolia issued Resolution 170/111, renaming the Health Department in 1962 and the Social Welfare Department in 1990 as the Health Department under the Capital City Governor. is.


Before 1952, 18 people were appointed as the heads of the capital city's health departments. Before 1952, the head of the department was a Soviet (Russian) doctor. In 1952, G. Tserenjav was the first national doctor to work as the head of the health department. .