The Ulaanbaatar City Health Department's health organizations are discussing their reports for the past year and their strategic plans for 2022.


According to the schedule, on February 16, 2022, Z.Baldandugar, head of Bayangol health center, D.Shinebayar, head of Baganuur district health association, M.Bold, head of Bayanzurkh health center, U.Tuul, head of Bayanzurkh general hospital, P .Zonbilegt, S.Ariunbold, Head of Ambulance Center, U.Enerel, Head of Jargalant Village Health Center, N.Amgalanbaatar, Head of “Khan Tuul” Children's Clinical Sanatorium, and B.Odgerel, Head of “Little Aspiration” Children's Clinical Sanatorium, respectively. presented and discussed the plan.