Today, the Dental and Maxillofacial Center presents its 2021 work report and 2022 action plan to the Public Health Department.


The work to be done and implemented by the Dental and Maxillofacial Center in 2022 includes:


The “Healthy Teeth, Happy Child” program will continue to be implemented in cooperation with the dental offices of the district kindergartens, private dental clinics and NGOs in two kindergartens in remote khoroos. In addition, a “Telemedicine Center” will be launched to provide methodological and consultation services to dentists and medical staff in the capital city's districts. “Healthy mounth” project to prevent oral diseases, “Listen to the doctor” program to develop healthy behaviors among citizens, “Elderly” open day, “Maamuu” program to advise antenatal mothers, and examinations for children in orphanages The plan calls for a number of programs and measures, including stabilization and the introduction of new non-removable dental technology.