In accordance with the guidelines approved by the Ulaanbaatar City Health Department, on January 7, 2022, 12 households in 6 central districts will be provided with support and control. A training was organized to assess the situation and the implementation of pediatric treatment guidelines, to provide professional and methodological guidance, and to provide guidance and recommendations.

Also on this day, the current state of the family health center during coronavirus (KOVID-19) infection, childhood influenza and influenza-like illness, human resources, workload, care coordination, care for young children, treatment and diagnostic standards We evaluated the implementation, home control, quality, safety, and customer information, and provided professional and methodological advice to the head of the family center, more than 60 doctors, and medical professionals.

The results of the assessment were presented to the management of the district health centers, instructions were given, and recommendations were made to the family health centers.