Organize activities to implement health sector policy in the capital city and protect and improve the health of the capital city population


We will focus on improving the health of citizens by making the management of the capital city's health sector efficient, effective and transparent, and meeting the needs of citizens and service providers to ensure the quality and accessibility of health care services.



1. To increase the participation of citizens, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the early detection, prevention and early detection of common communicable and non-communicable diseases and their risk factors, and to reduce the incidence of diseases by developing healthy behaviors;


2. Improving the quality, accessibility and safety of medical services by organizing them in accordance with population density, geographical location, morbidity, migration, demand for services, and development of diagnosis and treatment;


3. Capacity building of human resources of the capital city health organizations, provision of social security within the framework of the sector policy,


4. To optimize the budget planning and allocation of the capital city health organizations, to spend resources efficiently, to provide buildings, tools, equipment and vehicles in stages,


5. Reducing delays and delays by supporting the introduction, improvement and diversification of new and advanced diagnostic and treatment methods;


6. Gradually develop clinical pharmaceutical care and services in the health sector of the capital city and foster rational use of drugs among the population;


7. Develop a health management information system and provide science-based information to decision-makers and other users;


8. To make the governance and performance of the health sector of the capital city rational, effective and transparent within the framework of the updated and newly approved legal documents.